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The types of values you hold set the proverbial ship of your life on a certain course. Just like that, we have a set of values that get lived out through distinct practices. We didn’t create these values, rather, they come from God's story and are embodied in our context. 

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Gospel Collective Team

We exist to plant churches, build partnerships and invest in leaders. We aren't interested in hype but in doing the work to love our cities well. 



What We Do.

We exist to start new churches, support young and existing churches , and serve all churches in Utah. We aren't interested in hype, the newest fads, or the latest "strategies" instead, we are committed to digging deep into our context, loving our people, and supporting local teams of indigenous leaders. 



From the earliest days of the church, church planting has been the way that God has called his people to spread the message of Jesus. We want to join God in Utah as he plants churches throughout our state.


We want to reverse the trend that has kept over 85% of the churches planted here from surviving until their third birthday, but we don’t want to do it by continuing with the same formula that has been employed over the last 20 years.


In order to truly change the story of our state we know we must be willing to join God in whatever ways he is working in Utah. We aren’t in competition with other Christian churches in Utah; instead, we are truly family.  Our vision never sees that changing.  As we move forward with supporting young churches we want to be able and willing to serve all churches.


Get Involved

Maybe you're a future church planter looking for additional training and resources; sign up for one of our incubators. Maybe,  you're already leading a new church and are hoping for additional support sign up for a green house or incubator. Or, maybe you just want to support new churches in Utah. Wherever you are, there's a way to get involved.


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For more information about Gospel Collective, our plants, our partners, or to get invovled.                                   


Interesting in registering for an incoming incubator?  Use the Link below to sign up and we get back to you with details. 

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